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Civil wedding ceremony

The civil wedding ceremony is a growing trend in Italy, as it has almost reached the number of celebrations of religious ceremonies. It is the most suitable ceremony in case the bride, the groom or both are not willing to celebrate a religious wedding, due to their religious belief.
Civil ceremonies are usually more informal than the religious ones; if you wish your wedding to be a civil one on the wonderful Lake Garda, you can add customizations which will make your wedding an unforgettable moment for everyone, guests included: Sirmione Wedding offers you the chance to add meaning and emotions to this apparently formal and cold moment, setting up the scenes and all the arrangements as you can do in a religious ceremony.
Civil weddings are celebrated in Sirmione's Palazzo Callas, named after the famous opera singer who loved this resort and spent her holidays on Lake Garda in the 50's. The Palace, also home to the exhibitions and events, is located in the central Piazza Carducci. The room dedicated to the ceremonies is on the 3rd floor and can accomodate a hundred people.
Sirmione Wedding can not only provide bureacratic assistance in booking the room, but also give advice for the best flower arrangements and other spectaculars, in order to achieve the wedding ceremony you have always dreamed of.

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