con Oil and other excellences of Lake Garda – Sirmione Wedding


The basin of Lake Garda is a magical place, but beautiful scenery and mild climates are not the only features that characterise the Beneco. On the shores of the lake you are sure to find exquisite food and wine well known around the world.

Starting with dall’Olio del Garda, extra virgin olive oil of origin (PDO), perfect for both cooking and to accompany delicious dishes, whether they’re hot or cold. This oil is very delicate, with a fruity aftertaste and intense colour. Produced from Trento to Brescia, and also Verona, Garda’s oil is without doubt an excellence in the industry and it is so good and healthy that the people of Garda drink a teaspoon every day.

The cultivation of the lush olive trees is quite possibly due to the micro Mediterranean climate, the same climate that also makes it possible to cultivate fragrant citrus. The lemon houses that stand on the Brescia side are famous: structured on several levels, these terraces are easily recognised from a distance thanks to the particular framework that they are made up from. Today, because of structural inventions, they are no longer the same size as they were centuries ago, but the charm has remained unchanged.

And would you like to know something? It is always the weather that ensures the production of excellent wines: Lugana Doc primarily, but also Bardolino, Chiaretto, Garda Classico, Gropello, Novello, Valpolicella, l’Amarone, Recioto, Custoza and Marzemino. And these are just some of the Garda wines, all of which are in very high demand both in Italy and around the world.


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