Nuovespose studio

Nuovespose is a small studio located in Desenzano Del Garda’s historical centre, made by Patrizia Vaccari’s passion for wedding dresses; it’s a workshop of creativity, a peaceful and sophisticated environment, cosy and discreet where you can find different gown designs for the big day: from the romantic style to special vintage creations. The strength of the business comes from the expert hands of tailors and pattern makers, realising the desires of any bride and then designing the dress with the chosen colours and fabrics.

We met with Patrizia the owner and asked her:

When did your passion start for creating wedding dresses?

The passion started about 25 years ago, when I took my first steps in this area.

How does the bride show elegance in your opinion?

The bride shows elegance by her own style, the ease with how she moves and wears her dress, these enhance the beauty on the most important day.

We know that you’re fascinated by the retro style. Where does this passion come from?

The retro taste has always fascinated me, it was during my trips to France when I was looking in antique fabric shops, for lace and vintage items, this was where the inspiration for the clothes that I create came from.

Who deals with the creation of your clothes?

My clothes are made exclusively in my studio. With my suggestions, Elena an expert designer in Milan, with proven experience, including the collaboration with clothes created by her being represented in Teatro La Scala in Milan, creates them directly. This is how Nuovespose designs are achieved, in a unique way. So I think in the end, a Nuovespose dress is always an exclusive model, a sewing of the brides own identity.

What importance is given to the lace and embroidery in your creations?

The importance given stems from my passion of constantly seeking out unique lace and fabrics, this meets the brides to be demands of today, who are not content with cheap and imported clothes.

What’s your advice to those who would like to use their dress after the wedding?

There is a possibility of reusing the wedding dress, transforming and adapting it to the bride’s new requirements, this is a basic ‘belief’ of Nuovespose. This is because our clothes are made so uniquely and exclusively that it is absolutely forbidden to keep them in the closet.

How important is the colour of the wedding dress?

The colour matters a lot, of course, it is chosen by the bride’s taste and pattern of the dress.

Have you ever received an impossible request from a bride?

Every bride has requested the impossible but, it has never been impossible. You can’t blame her, searching for the right gown should not be affected with errors. You cannot even imagine how many brides come to me for advice and solutions for mistakes made by purchasing the wrong dress from the wrong place. We at Nuovespose specialise in solving all kinds of requests that come from the future bride, resolving all their doubts and uncertainties, bringing out their idea of beauty.

What are your plans for the future?

The future plans are linked to the constant evolution and research, to continue fulfilling every bride's desires. This will bring us to carry out new projects that will increase awareness of Nuovespose internationally.


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