Nicolo Bonacini is an experienced sailor who deeply loves his work. He is able to show anyone aboard his boat the most beautiful views of the Lake and Sirmione. We asked him a few very interesting questions in order to know all about his magnificent profession. 

1) When did your passion for the lake and boats start? And was this passion inherited from someone in the family?

I've been passionate about Lake Garda ever since childhood as I spent it here on the lake. Being in contact with the wonderful water has brought forth in me a love and a kind of worship towards the lake. I owe it firstly to my grandfather Vittorio, with whom I spent a lot of time with, when he had finished work shifts on the motorway. He would take me fishing with him on the boat. Those precious moments in my grandfathers company, who was so fascinated by the lake, have influenced and directd me towards the same passion.

2) Who are in your team of sailors?

We are four young lovers of the wonderland kept by Lake Garda. Each of us are independant, but we have the wonderful place where we work and the same ethical values in common which stimulate us to build a cooperative relationship rather than 'competition'

3) Surely your work is affected seasonally, what is the most intense and challenging period?

In Sirmione we are in a great valued situation compared to other areas of Lake Garda, this is because the seasonal working time here is the longest compared to the other places. Here, in this beautiful peninsula, we are busy from Easter to November, although the busiest period is focused on June until September. 

4) Which resorts of Lake Garda can you reach with your boats?

With our boats and license we can navigate around the whole of Lake Garda, stopping at any suitable boarding point in Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino. This way you can visit any location worthy of interest on the lake.

5) Are you able to offer a guide service to foreign customers during the excursions?

Absolutely yes! I personally have a great interest in the history of these places around Lake Garda, so I love to share the history and culture of the wonderful locations with the people riding in my company. For me it's important to inform customers about the characteristics of the landscape around them, as then the lake reaches their hearts not only through their eyes. 
6) Who are the most demanding customers: Italian or foreign?

I can not distinguish between Italian or foreign clients as the most demanding, but I can say that among the people who have visited the lake in the past, those from other countries are more often interested in discovering the wonders of the place.

7) Has the exchange of rings ever happened aboard your boat? 

Yes it has happened, just as the boat passed in front of the Caves of Catullus the rings were exchanged, it was beautiful: a unique moment that happened right before my eyes.

8) Can you think of a story or particular episode worth telling us?
There are an endless amount of sailors' stories, but one thing that sometimes happens without warning is a marriage proposal in the middle of the lake, this gives me great joy. For example, I happened to accompany a couple on a short excursion on the lake, we were coming near to the end of the trip and were passing the Scagliero castle in Sirmione, travelling from east to west at dusk you can imagine the admirable colours of the sunset which reflected wonderfully on the lake, creating colours and lights that could touch anyone's heart. I uncorked a bottle of bubbly for my guests, offering them an aperitif before dinner, and then as I was replacing the bottle in the fridge, I turned back around and saw that the future husband was kneeling down and had extracted a small box for his lady. I did not expect to ever see a scene so sweet on my boat, but I have to say that the big question was made in a very pleasurable way, they certainly had appreciated the magic of the lake.  At that moment I thought the lake could be this: a place where the heart opens up to great emotions, and the mountains, hills, emerald waters and history become the perfect setting to enclose a unique moment in its beauty and in its great emotional intensity.

9) What more would you like from the next starting summer?

I would like to raise awareness of the new things on the lake to those who are already familiar with it, and to explore with wonder for the first time those who are not; but above all I hope to give immense joy and surprise to those who want to view these places. I hope to forward a bit 'of the magic' of Lake Garda to those who pass over it, with the hope that when they return to the shores, they have smiles on their faces to accompany them when they return home. 



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