Perhaps you thought that the land between the southern basin of Lake Garda and the Moraine Hills took its name from the fine wine? Or maybe you know that it is the exact opposite?

In fact, the preferable climate and ideal soil for the cultivation of vines that produce Lugana are what characterise the area. Mineral salts, flexible and gentle temperatures, light winds, well a combination of those is what it takes to make delicate and fragrant grapes as delicate and fragrant as the wine from Garda. It is not only the smell that determines how excellent the product is, but also the colour is significant: straw yellow with light green hues. And it goes without saying, that the taste is the fundamental element: floral tones give the Lugana wine a strong and well defined flavour.

These characteristics change slightly in different variations depending on each type of wine: Lugana Superiore has a more intense colour and has a full-bodied taste, Lugana Reserva is more structured, Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva is mostly sweet and Lugana Spumante has more fragrant tones.

No wonder this wine is among the most popular wines not only in Italy but also abroad. Because of its excellence, a corporation for the product was founded, the Lugana Consortium, composed by great experts, producers and admirers, responsible for providing protection and improvement of the brand, as well as promotion, especially outside of its region.

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