Desenzano del Garda is a lively city on the south shores of Lake Garda. This place is an ideal destination for those looking for a holiday that has the perfect balance between relaxation and recreation. Tourists are able to enjoy any activity, from walks along the lakeside, the long beaches, shopping through the streets of the old town, the nightlife.

Desenzano is also rich of cultural sites: the castle that overlooking the town, the Roman villa, one of the most important example of archaeological site in Northern Italy; the Cathedral in the town centre, dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene; the archaeological museum “G.Rambotti” ,the monumental complex of San Martino, that commemorates the battle fought here on 24 June 1859 between the Austrian army and the Franco-Piemontese one; Todeschini Palace in the historical centre, near the old harbour.

Desenzano is the right place for everyone: families with children, to romantic couple, from young to senior.

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