The town of Pozzolengo stretches itself among the moraine hills and it borders to three provinces: Brescia, Verona, Mantova, and overlooking a natural terrace, in the Lugana wine area.

The village thanks to its neighbourhood to the Lake Garda, the place is influenced by a mild weather, due to these facts, the native environment becomes a suitable habitat for some species of flora and fauna.

According to the culinary delights, Pozzolengo proposes to its visitors a range of traditional food such as the biscuits of Pozzolengo, the typical moraine sausage DE.CO and the Lugana wine. Another new cultivation, worth to being mentioned is the native Saffron of Pozzolengo which is recognised as a highest quality product.

The town is characterized by the imposing Castle, situated on the top of Monte Fluno hill. Inside the walls there is still visible a medieval village, dated back to XI century which is still today inhabited. From this peak it can be admired the local green park dedicated to Don Giussani.
Going down towards the centre it is possible to visit the new Parish Church of S Lawrence (1510) which contains precious canvas and an ancient organ Antegnati (dated back 1600), Piavoli residence, Brighenti Palace and Villa Albertini overlooking Don Gnocchi Square. Not far from the town centre there is another artistic highlight, S. Vigilio Abbey, dated back 1104.

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