You can easily define Lake Garda as a happy island: the climate is very flexible and the fluctuating temperatures between summer and winter are relatively important. In fact, the Beneco is characterised for its mild temperatures throughout most of the year because of the considerable mass of water, defining the lake's climate as Mediterranean. Speaking of numbers, the average seasonal temperatures on Lake Garda according to an in-depth meteorological study, are pleasing. This means, for example, that you can find warm sunny days in the winter: the annual average is about 13 degrees. Of course these are estimates spread over several years, because it is absolutely possible to have a good amount of snowfall between December and January. As for the peaks of Juky and August the average is 30 degrees.

This leads to a rather simple reasoning: at any time of the year that you wish to marry, Sirmione and Lake Garda are great places. In summer you can fully enjoy the Mediterranean climate, beaches, ports and the fabulous open locations. In the winter you can appreciate the exact same landscape but maybe embellished with white, soft snow, which is very scenic and creates memorable photos. Not being a surprise, winter weddings have become an incresing trend.

The Wind

The most representative element of Garda is the existence of frequent winds that attract sailors and surfers from January to December. We start with the wind blowing from the south, from about noon until late afternoon, along the lake, thanks to the funnel shape which takes it north, increases in speed 'moving the waters in a particular wave motion. Ander is the name given to a constant wind that blows from the south-west and dies in the afternoon. Peler on the other hand, blows from the north and affects the entire lake, it's created through the night and by around 11am has already decreased, this is due to the rising temperatures. Then there are other main winds Vinessa, Fasanella, Boarno and Ponal, and among the minor blows are Gardesana, Bailiff and finally Visentina. 

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