More and more foreigners decide to exchange their vows in Italy: among the main reasons is certainly to have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes and celebrate relying on an exquisite cuisine that’s famous all over the world. The right mix of these two elements is surely found in the area of Lake Garda and it was here that the ambitious mission of Sirmione Wedding Lake Garda was born: to organize exclusive, unique and unrepeatable weddings, thanks to our wedding planners and precious collaborators.

The meaning of getting married, to us is to embark on a journey that should be the least strenuous as possible and for this reason our team simplify a little of the work by offering a selection of the best partners in the area. From the location of the ceremony to the one of the reception, from the general setting up to the luxury extras, passing through breathtaking photoshoots, Sirmione Wedding Lake Garda can offer a perfect, complete and totally tailor-made service that will surely please the couple. 

la location per il tuo matrimonio


Your wedding can be organised in the great location of Sirmione or one of the surrounding areas making it unique and unforgettable: small restaurants, hotels facing the lake, exclusive vintage hotels or residences. Thanks to their structures, your wedding can also be celebrated 'open air' in the gardens or terraces enjoying the incredible view of Lake Garda.

la cerimonia


If you choose a religious rite, a more intimate civil service or an impressive symbolic ceremony, the moment you have will be customized not only in the choice of the place but also in the small details that will make it memorable.

il ricevimento


The reception is the most shared celebration of a wedding and because of this you have to plan it to be a memorable success; attention to detail, choice of menu, table arrangement, creating an overall achievement and a magical atmosphere. 

mise en place


The layout of the table becomes the passion of the event, when entering the room every guest must feel welcomed. It's necessary therefore to give the tables a smooth and orderly look: place cards, napkins, menus, centrepieces, placeholders, everything must be done in the best way.

floral design


Flowers are doubtlessly in the lead when it comes to memorable details. They define the style, tone and personality of the day; and that is why they should be prepared with care and arranged by the expert hands of true florists.

abito da sposa


A wedding dress has to be perfect, like the one from your dreams, for that reason many studios have experimented with models; it is then the dressmaker's task to join all the desires and create a dress that will make the absolute bride.

make up artist - hair styling


The bride's look should be studied carefully, this is very important when evaluating the makeup and hairstyle, along with a professional who knows how to bring out the best features, emphasising individual strengths.

musica ed intrattenimento


From the ceremony to the party, the music becomes the main element, so it's important to choose it carefully. The musical entertainment should vary depending on the time of day and venue, also it must emphasise the key moments of the wedding. A successful wedding party cannot miss pleasant, joyful and memorable entertainment: magicians, face painting, fireworks, oriental dancing, artists of all kinds insure a lot of fun.



The type of transport to take the bride to the church and the married couple to the reception should be chosen wisely. Relying on a professional hire company with a driver makes it much easier to find a suitable car for the ceremony. The alternatives are unusual styles, fun and personal: vintage cars, horse-drawn carriage, boat or an old Volkswagen van, all perfectly themed for the event.

foto - video


The most important day in a couple's life deserves to be immortalised by the hands of a professional photographer. Each photograph captures the image of a single moment and lasts forever. This is why the wedding photographer must know how to seize every moment being able to read the emotions of the couple, loved ones and friends. The newlyweds must rely on professionalism, attention and sensitivity. The couple and the chosen individual should have a unique and confidential relationship, helping the atmosphere feel more relaxed and even more enchanting.

cake design


The absolute queen of every reception is the wedding cake and its task is to complete the celebration. Admired almost as much as the dress, the cake should be beautiful and placed in a special place: a gazebo or a corner of the garden for example. The cut is also a very important moment of the reception and should be correctly emphasised.

dolci prelibatezze


We should not forget about the confectionery; now a special widespread tradition is to richly laden the tables with the most varied types of sweets or candy: a real tasting for after dinner.



The wedding favours are given to the guests as a gesture of gratitude for attending their ceremony and as a keepsake of the occasion. They close the event and relationship between the couple and their guests.

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