Getting married in winter is now a consolidated fashion. There are several reasons for this: the magical scenery, think for example at Christmas time; not so many couples are getting married in winter, so you can have your desired location, without giving up the exclusivity of the place, and above all, reduced costs compared to the summer, which is a fundamental plus for those on a limited budget.
For those reason, winter weddings are a growing trend both in Italy and in the whole world.
The cold season offers so many excellent and interesting advantages, especially in regards to the bride: delicious accessories like hats, fur coats or gloves in particular, create a very elegant and refined look. The groom and the guests too can take advantage of the winter wedding to show off their most elegant suits, with shirts and ties in the typical winter colours. 

In the winter there is no need to design equipment for gardens or outdoor spaces and even study the so called 'plan B': anything can happen within a warm and cosy beautiful location. Maybe, a sudden snowfall could add magic to a winter landscape already itself splended being Lake Garda.
In winter weddings it is possible to add a bit of originality to the settings, using flowers and bouquets typical of the cold season, such as poinsettias, buttercups and the more usual roses, mainly red and white ones. As for the setting, the catering too has to be adapted to the winter, with appropriate dishes and a corner for hot drinks such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate.
Don't forget the mild climate enjoyed on Lake Garda, that can ensure magnificent days even in the coldest months. Organising a beautiful winter wedding on Lake Garda can have many exiciting qualities, whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility which is not always possible during the tourists-packed warm seasons. 

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